Sunday, July 18, 2010

ASUS ENGTX460 For Your Gaming Performance

Asus finally launch graphics cards ASUS ENGTX460 Series products complement the latest NVIDIA GeForce 400.

This device is claimed to exceed the basic reference, complete with exclusive features such as cooling design DirectCU, Voltage Tweak, as well as durability features for GPU Guard, EMI Shield and Fuse Protection.

In addition to overclocking capability, ASUS ENGTX460 graphics card is also optimized for native performance on Windows 7, providing exceptional graphics to display real DirectX 11, as well as full support for 3D Surround Vision, PhysX and CUDA.

"This is an exclusive feature on the graphics card that is designed ASUS ENGTX460, utilizing copper cooling DirectCU. This technique is placing a big heatpipe from flat copper materials are in direct contact with the GPU core to enhance the heat transfer better. Coupled with heatsink and fan attached, make a 20 percent increase in cooling performance, "said party official in his statement Asus, Sunday (07/18/2010).

According to Asus, this means the graphics card ASUS ENGTX460 DirectCU can give overclocking performance and have a higher tolerance. Asus also improve the basic reference design, with added features GPU Guard, a perfect combination of cooling ASUS ENGTX460 graphics card that doubles the protection circuit board to crack, providing reliability and unparalleled technical life.

Thanks to a better cooling, ENGTX460 graphics card allows extreme overclocking. It offers the opportunity for enthusiasts and anyone who applied to maximize the hardcore overclocking potential. ASUS ENGTX460 graphics card equipped Voltage Tweak utility for overclocking and over volting, allowing the voltage settings on the GPU, video memory, and other electricity. It can increase core and memory clock up to 50 percent significantly * faster than the overall performance of the reference graphic cards.

Graphics Card ASUS ENGTX460 ENGTX460 DirectCU DirectCU TOP/2DI/768MD5 TOP/2DI/1GD5 and continue the tradition on the ASUS TOP series graphics cards earlier, using the overclocked GPU choice for gaming and benchmarking performance extraordinary. With outstanding performance, TOP graphics card has an unparalleled overclocking potential, to produce the best performance.

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