Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Xbox 360 Overtake Wii Position

In the event E3 video game expo held last month in the Los Angeles Convention Center, USA, exhibited a number of impressive new products. Among Kinect for Xbox 360 accessories that change the way play into the form of motion control, and a number of recent video games that are ready released.
One of the many hardware devices that stole the attention at the E3 event Xbox 360 is the latest design. Then a lot of people call it the Xbox 360 Slim, who attended more refreshed with a thinner profile, HDD storage capacity of 250GB, a five fruit USB port and built-in 802.11n WiFi. Console machine is offered at a price equal to the old console machine is more fattening, with bandrol approximately U.S. $ 299.
Redesign and new features being trigger for high sales of new Xbox 360. In fact, according to NPD Group's latest calculations, sales of Game in June 2010 which had dominated the Xbox 360 sales past Wii, so the first rank in addition to a portable console sales.
NPD found that console sales to grow about 35% compared to June 2009. But the overall gaming market is decreasing because of reduced sales of game software as compared to June 2009.
NPD also predicted interest in the PlayStation and accessories Microsoft Kinect Move would boost console sales. During the month of June the new Xbox 360 sold 451 700 units, the Wii and PS3 units sold 422 000 Move 308 800 units. Meanwhile, the Nintendo DS portable console sold 510 700 units and the PSP as much as 121 000 units during the month of June.

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