Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thermaltake Element V NVidia Edition

Gamers and enthusiast PC users typically want a PC look more fashionable, for that they did not hesitate to seek additional accessories or even replace existing accessories with a more attractive appearance. Accessories generally the most attention is the chassis model.
For this reason many manufacturers are competing to create the casing with various features and models. One of Thermaltake, which has a portfolio as one of the best chassis manufacturer, today released the latest edition of the Elements series with the Nvidia Edition frill. Obviously this is a big fan of good news for Nvidia.
Actually, NVidia Edition V Element casing has been completed in production since six months ago, but they are waiting for the right time to launch it to the market. When this is the moment seems right. They sell this casing with a price range of $ 219.
This chassis specifically designed for fans of Nvidia graphics card. Thermaltake ensures that the casing with a full size tower with dimensions 532 (H) x 220 (W) x 537 (D) mm NVidia graphics card is able to accommodate the longest though.
To accommodate the needs of optical drives, this chassis provides drive bays 5.25 "as many as five slots. Do not forget slot 3.5 "to your hard disk, and additional slots 2.5" for other needs. At the top of the casing is available four USB ports and an eSATA connector.
Element V Nvidia has a cooling fan as much as four pieces. There is a section of casing with a size of 230mm sides, rear and front fan with a size of 120mm, while the uppers are sized 200mm fan.
In addition to the cooling fan, Thermaltake provides air ducts for graphics cards that are made through cooperation with the NVidia. Air duct serves to enhance the cooling process when the NVidia graphics card uses 3-Way SLI configurations. Another addition is a fan speed controller and a hole for the hose needs watercooler.
With an attractive model and the Nvidia logo and features pretty much expected, Element V Thermaltake Nvidia Edition can answer all the needs of gamers and PC enthusiasts. Bandrol price of $ 219 was reasonable considering the model and the quality offered.

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